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Advantage Benefits Connection helps employers in a variety of ways: Complete Employee Benefits Administration


At Advantage Benefits Connection, we offer complete benefits administration for both small and large companies. We can act as the insurance policy broker and can consult for larger plans to analyze where financially advantageous options can be implemented to serve both the employer and employee’s best interest. In addition, ABC provides vital communication for both employers and employees regarding their benefits and how best to utilize them by providing enrollment support and access to benefit statements.

Our staff is held in high esteem - receiving many positive letters and references over the years. One such recommendation is from prior Texas Governor Preston Smith, whose personal letter and photograph are proudly displayed in our office. (You may read a digital copy of the letter by clicking the photo at left.)

Advantage Benefits Connection acts as the insurance policy broker and offers analysis to find financially advantageous options that can be implemented to serve the best interests of both the employer and the employee’s.

In addition, ABC provides vital communication for both employers and employees regarding their benefits and how best to utilize them by providing enrollment support and access to benefit statements.

At ABC, Our staff has a long record of top-quality service. Click below to see select honors, commendations and comments about our Advantage Benefits Connection Professionals:

Covenant Health Certificate

Exemplary Commitment,
Covenant Health System


BSA commends ABC

Recommendation Letter From
Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst


In addition to providing the most competitive pricing for insurance and employee benefits, ABC is dedicated to providing superior risk management. Thus, our seasoned employees with more than 50 years of combined experience provide a complete assessment exposure and risk tolerance based on detailed needs analysis. By making a detailed comparison of policies, ABC is able to specialize coverage and tailor a program that fits your company needs and budget – whether you have 5 employees, 500 employees, or 5,000 employees, ABC builds on the basics to provide you the very best advantage.

According to Economist Carola Cowan:

“Many employers view providing health insurance as a key component to attracting and meeting the expectations of employees. Another major reason for offering benefits is to reduce turnover. Some employers also believe the provision improves morale.”

According to Cowan's article for the Wyoming Department of Employment, Research & Planning in 2004, others believe providing these benefits for employees increases productivity and reduces absenteeism.

The professionals at Advantage Benefits Connection are committed to extraordinary client care and complete professionalism. In addition to personal consultation and group presentations for core and voluntary products that will provide employees with secure options to plan for their future and provide security for their families. Turnover rates greatly affect the bottom line for companies. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, it can cost a company the equivalent of one-third of an employee's annual salary to replace that individual. In fact, today’s has a great deal wealth invested in “intellectual capital,” that is, the knowledge, skills and abilities of their employees.


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